Welcome to Leap Pest Control

Leap Pest Control (pty)ltd is a family owned business, providing high quality service throughout the Greater Durban surrounding areas. With over 17years’ experience in the pest and Woodboring insect industry, our business is built upon customer satisfaction and loyalty with the safety of your family and pets as our primary concern. We’re your local specialists for Commercial Pest Control, Residential Pest Control, Woodborer, Termite Control, and more. 


We rid your home or business of pests that can carry diseases or damage property, and we do it in a safe and cost effective manner.


Do you hate seeing Cockroaches, rodents, Woodborer or antscrawling around your home? Then you’ll trust Leap Pest Control. We know insects and rodents have their place, but they don’t belong in your home or business. Leap Pest Control has a menu of services to protect you, your family and home from whatever bugs you.


If you’re concerned about Woodborer, termites, schedule your Entomology inspection today. We’ll make sure they aren’t damaging your property and protect you from future infestations.



When we do Initial Service, our technicians will spray the Interior and Exterior of your home. Then we will return Monthly, Bi-monthly, or Quarterly to maintain the exterior of the home and keep the barrier up, to keep those unwanted ants, cockroaches, woodborer and other insects out of your home.

We do One Time Services for interior and exterior or just exterior only services. Interior & exterior services come with a 3-month warranty. Exterior only services come with a 10-month warranty.